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GenScript offers several methods of protein purification and characterization, allowing customers to choose the ideal level of purity for the intended final application. Each of these options is available for both small and large amounts of protein. GenScript routinely maintains stringent QC and SOPs on its protein purification process. In addition, before shipping, our protein expression experts characterize each target protein to assure that it meets the customer's stated requirements.


  1. クロマトグラフィー<
    • Ion-Exchange
    • Hydrophobic Interaction
    • Affinity
    • Size Exclusion

  2. 精製タグ
    • 6xHis
    • GST
    • MBP
    • FLAG

  3. タグ除去用のプロテアーゼ

    • Thrombin
    • Enterokinase
    • rTev
    • PreScission
    • Factor Xa


  • Electrophoresis and Coomassie staining of SDS-PAGE
  • Protein concentration determination
  • Western blot
  • Absorption spectrum


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